Monday, September 26, 2011

Miche Bags :)

Well I am not sure if any of you are familiar with a Miche Bag. You can get four different types of bases & shells to fit them. You can have one bag, with lots of shells, so essentially have a new bag every day!

A friend brought me one for my Birthday with 3 shells. I love it & now have 10 shells, I have now become a Representative for them too! The following are a few Classic Shells I have on the Classic Base.

If you would like to see more bases & shells you can check them out on my Miche Page!


NanaDiana said...

Those are really cute! My daughter does handbag sales too but not these. They are very clever. I hope you sell lots and lots of them! Hugs- Diana

Lin said...

Thank you Diana, I love changing me bag either daily or weekly! oxo

Sheila said...

They are all so lovely! Best wishes!

Connie Lou said...

Hi linn,

Just stopping bye to say hi! Sorry it's been a while, between kids and g-kids and excuse, but I know you understand!

Hope you are doing well!

Aloha, Connie

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